What makes the 2023 Ford Transit One of the Best Commercial Vans?

Ford Transit since it was launched has been ruling the commercial van segment. With great power under its hood, ample space, great interior, competitive pricing, and more have led to this vehicle’s rise. People looking to buy a new van should check out this model from the car manufacturer by visiting Star Valley Ford dealer.

What makes this vehicle one of the best in this sector?

Modern and user-friendly design, reasonable pricing, powerful engine, and more have led to this van’s popularity. Hence, one should simply check out these factors one by one in detail as mentioned below.

  • Engine

Two engines are offered for this vehicle from Ford. The entry-level model comes with a naturally aspirated V6 3.5L engine that creates 275 horses and a torque of 262 lb-ft. However, the even more powerful engine is a turbocharged version of V6; it delivers 310 ponies and a torque of 410 lb-ft.

Both engines of this vehicle are grouped with an automatic 10-speed and the drivetrain available is RWD & AWD (people are free to choose either drivetrain according to their preference). This commercial can tow a maximum of 7,500 pounds. The turbocharged version of this van will take only 6.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph thanks to its perky acceleration with the automatic transmission’s assistance.

Also, its suspension is specially tuned by Ford to offer remarkable ride quality that drivers as well as passengers will appreciate when commuting daily in it.

  • Interior

Several different wheelbase lengths and roof heights are available for people to choose from when buying a Ford Transit. This allows people to customize their cabins accordingly and is one of the reasons why most people prefer buying this commercial van rather than anything else.

The passenger van will come with seats that can aid 15 people to sit inside comfortably. Also, its cabin comes with a contemporary and slick design. Some of its interior design is inspired by Ford’s Explorer model. Transit’s cabin is well-insulated and thus, is quiet when on the road.

For the 2023 generation, Ford decided to add a trim that will be ideally suited for campers which is called Transit Trail. This camper-prepped variant comes with a rugged style along with features that are appropriate for an adventure van. Such features include an AC inverter onboard, swiveling seats, a fuse panel built-in, etc.

To check out the complete interior and other features that are suitable for a commercial van along with available customizations, reach Star Valley Ford dealership.

  • Transit’s price

The cargo van model starts from $46,350 while its crew van version costs $47,715. Lastly, the costliest among the three is Transit Trail, which is priced at $67,770. For more details visit a Ford dealership.

The spacious cabin, powerful engine, customizations available, features included, reasonable pricing, and more make the 2023 Ford Transit one of the best commercial vans that you can buy. From remarkable handling prowess to towing capacity, this van offers it all. Hence, visit a showroom and complete all the paperwork before taking this van home.


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