Why are People Queuing Up to Get the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR?

People are queuing up to get the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR because it brings the best of everything that Toyota has to offer. It is one of the most highly rated vehicles by the car manufacturer.

It offers several aspects such as awe-struck styling along with supreme power and more. To get a close look at this vehicle, you need to reach Kuna Toyota dealer whenever you need to. For now, it is time to go through everything this automobile has to offer!

Toyota’s styling

When it comes to styling, the GR version differs from its regular counterpart. This compact hatchback offers premium performance that is even better than what its ordinary version can offer. The most prominent aspect of this vehicle’s exterior portion is simply amazing. The intricate design of the front grille along with the matching headlights makes it look like a beast coming forward.

The interior is created equally well to match the sporty vibe of this vehicle. There are a lot of things that the GR series shares with a regular Corolla. This vehicle comes with sports seats, excellent build quality, soft-touch materials and more. The trim looks racier and the sports seats are the two things that highly differentiate between a regular Corolla and a GR.

Other aspects consist of pedal covers made from aluminum, can start this vehicle using a push-button system, driver’s seat is adjustable in six ways, heated steering and seats, etc. Optional features of this vehicle include auto climate control, faux leather and suede upholstery, etc.

People who want excitement when driving this vehicle, often go for its Morizo Edition. This trim comes without a back seat, rear speakers, etc. so make it as light as possible. Such less weight helps people to run laps quicker. Also, its front upholstery has a combination of red & black color to give the ultimate racing vibe.

Power of Corolla GR

People opt for this vehicle primarily due to its powerful engine. A three-cylinder turbocharged sits under this vehicle’s hood. It provides 300 hp and its manual 6-speed transmission is the only one available. In addition, people get to enjoy GR Four system which allows drivers to select different modes for power distribution that are ideal for everyday driving, racing, and drifting aspects.

Great performance and GR’s suspension system makes it an amazing vehicle for people to drive and also make it a powerful contender in the compact sports car segment. If you would like to gather more details about Corolla GR’s power and performance along with its mileage, handling, etc. then contact Kuna Toyota dealership.

Price of GR

Core, Circuit, and Morizo Edition are the three variants available for Corolla GR 2023. These are priced a little over $36k, $43k, and $51k respectively. Which one you want to buy will depend on you and the amount you are willing to spend on this vehicle.

This is a great sporty compact car that people can use for multiple purposes. Hence, more people nowadays are willing to acquire the 2023 Toyota Corolla GR than any other vehicle!

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